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Beijing - Xi'an / Xi'an - Beijing Trains

There are about 14 regular trains between Beijing and Xi’an. Most of them are G (High-Speed Train) trains. The distance between the two cities is about 1,200 kilometers.


The G train is the best and fastest category between Beijing and Xi’an. Currently, there are about 11 G trains, which take about 5 - 6 hours to finish the whole journey.


Z trains are direct trains without stopovers and rides during the nights. One trip will takes approximately 12 hours. Z trains do not provide any seat tickets and therefore only provide sleeper tickets.


A journey of T train takes about 13-14 hours. Be aware that T trains most of the time have several stops on the way. Passengers will get on and off along the way, which could cause noisiness and may disturb you.



Recommended Trains


G trains


G trains depart about every one hour from 7:00 to 17:00 in both Beijing and Xi’an, so you could easily choose any train that fits your travel schedule.


Overnights Train


Z trains usually do not have stopovers on the way, but even if there are stopovers, additional passengers won’t be carried along the way. In addition, the departure and arrival time is ideal, as a result it won't affect your tours in both cities.


From Beijing to Xi’an

Z19 leaves Beijing West Station at 20:41 and arrives in Xi’an at 08:15 the next morning.

Z43 leaves Beijing West Station at 19:58 and arrives in Xi’an at 08:33 the next morning.


From Xi’an to Beijing

Z20 leaves Xi’an at 19:30 and arrives at Beijing West Station at 07:00.

Z44 leaves Xi’an at 19:15 and arrives at Beijing West Station at 08:26.



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