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      Please submit your ticket inquiry at least 25 days ahead of your travel date.
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      Train ticket inquiry (7 days) before, during and (7 days) after the week-long traffic rush in the Spring Festival and the Chinese National Day holiday (Oct 1st – Oct 7th) will NOT be accepted, as the railway operator's ticket booking system will be overwhelmed by huge volume of railway passengers.
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      Please make sure the ID certificate number you submitted is in accordance with that on your ID. One valid ID corresponds with only one ticket for the same train. The passenger's ID number will be printed on the ticket. Passengers will be required to show their tickets along with the corresponding ID on the train. The ID number can NOT be changed once a ticket is issued. Wrong ID number shall lead to cancellation of the original ticket (100% of ticket fare charged per ticket) before the new ticket is issued.
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      By submitting us the inquiry you also comply with the fact that you entrust us with the right to book and issue an alternative ticket close to your preferred travel date, time and seat/sleeper class to the greatest extent, in case your designated train tickets are sold out. If you do not agree to issue an alternative ticket, please inform us in your ticket inquiry. CITS shall not be responsible for all the losses arising therefrom.
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      CITS can arrange group tours and tailor-made private tours (with railway/air tickets) to/from Lhasa. However, train ticket inquiry alone to/from Lhasa will NOT be accepted. *All foreign travelers entering Tibet must hold Tibet Travel Permit issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. CITS will assist travelers to apply Tibet Entry Permit for a more flexible and efficient journey. Customers who booked Tibet tours with us will collect their Tibet Travel Permit from our local office in the city where they depart for Tibet.

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