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There are about 42 regular trains between Beijing and Shanghai. Most of them are G and D trains bullet trains), there are only 2 - 3 T trains (Express Train).The distance between Beijing and Shanghai is about 1,318 kilometers.


G trains are the fastest trains running through China from Beijing to Shanghai. The G - train was first designed for a commercial running speed of 350km/h. Nowadays, its top speed is limited to 300km/h, which result into a5 to 5.5 hours’ time frame for entire journey. Trains leave from Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and vice versa.


There are about seven D trains between Beijing and Shanghai containing out of 3 or 4 daytime trains (takes about 9 hours).The remaining trains are overnight trains (takes about 11-12 hours).D trains leave from Beijing South Railway Station or Beijing Main Railway Station, and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station or Shanghai Railway Station.


In these days, there are only 2 or 3 T trains left with cheaper fares. A trip by the T train takes about 15 hours. They leave Beijing from Beijing Main Railway Station and arrive in shanghai at either Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai South Railway Station.


Recommended Trains


G trains


G trains depart every 30 - 60 minutes from 7:00 to 21:00 in both Beijing and Shanghai, so you could easily choose any train which fits your travel schedule.


All the G trains have 2nd class, 1st class, VIP class seats, and a dining carriage. There are 5 seats in a row for‘2nd class’ and 4 seats in a row for ‘1st class’. Obviously, 1st class is more comfortable and has more room for legs than the 2nd class. In addition, there is a power socket under every seat in the‘1st class’ carriage.


Overnights Train


From Beijing to Shanghai: D311, D313 and D321

From Shanghai to Beijing: D312, D314 and D322


Overnight D trains only have soft sleeper and hard seat tickets, the trains will make 2 - 3 stops on their way. All D trains depart Beijing on approximately21:00and arrive in Shanghai around 8:40 in the morning. The duration of one trip will be 11 - 12 hours.


Likewise other categories, these trains are also top-quality high-speed trains that can travel at a speed of about 200 km/h. There is a TV screen and a power socket for laptops and mobile phones available in the soft sleeper berths.



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