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The Temple of Heaven -- Wonders of Acoustics and Architectures - 1Days
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temple of heaven

The Temple of Heaven -- Wonders of Acoustics and Architectures - 1 Day

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This tour offers children a chance to explore the secret of the Temple of Heaven and let them know more about the history of the Temple of Heaven.

The Temple of Heaven was the place where the emperors came to worship the God of Heaven and pray for good harvest. It is not only the largest complex of temple buildings in China, but also the largest heaven -worshiping architecture full of scientific wonders in the world


Why is the voice particularly loud when you speak from the Center-of-Heaven Stone on the Circular Mound Altar?

What secrets are hidden by the floor tiles on the altar?

How does sound travel through the Echo Wall?

Which stone is the Three Echo Stone?

What would happen if one speaks on the Three Echo Stones ?

What is the mystery of the architecture of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest ?

What are the secrets of the pillars in the hall?

Day 1 Beijing

At morning or afternoon every Saturday and Sunday


Time: 9:00-12:00/13:30-16:30


9:00/13:30 Arrive at the South Gate of the Temple of Heaven, check in

9:15/13:45  Activity starts

9:30--11:00/14:00--15:30 Exploring acoustic phenomena at  the Center-of-Heaven Stone and the Three Echo Stones, making a DIY megaphone

11:00--12:00/15:30--16:30 Exploring the rules of passage of the Red Stairway Bridge, the structure of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, putting together mortises and tenons, exploring the secrets of the Seven Star Stone

12:00/16:30 End of activity at the Temple of Heaven East Gate

Tour Includes :

--Entrance fee of the Temple of Heaven ( including the Circular Mound Altar area and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest )

--Professional lecturer

--Professional tour leader

--Study booklet


--Lecture headset

--DIY megaphone materials

--Tenon and mortise

--Exquisite gift 


Tour Excludes :


--Tickets for areas other than Circular Mound Altar area and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest area


--Other personal expenses

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