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  • Moon Cake
    Mid-Autumn’s Day, Moon Worship August 15th of the lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year on that day, people far away from home will try to come back to their hometown, sitting together enjoying family reunion. There are legends and folk customs unique to the Mid-Autumn Festival. It... Read more>>
  • Lantern Festival
    Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, is celebrated title="China">China at that time. It is a Buddhist convention that the monks would visit sarira and lighten up lanterns to show respect to Buddha. Therefore, Emperors of that dynasty, who were determined to promote Buddhism, ordered people to lighten up lanterns in b... Read more>>
  • Chinese rice dumplings
    Dragon Boat Festival The Dragon Boat Festival, also named "Calamus Festival" or "Daughter's Festival", takes place in May 5th in the lunar calendar. It is a folk festival with a history of over two thousand years. There are various celebrating activities on the day, among which eating rice dumplings (zongzi, the steame... Read more>>
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