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Mingyong Glacier

Why is Mingyong Glacier special­


Mingyong Glacier is located in Deqen county, northwest of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The Mingyong Glacier derives from Mount Kang Karbo, the main peak of the Meli Snow Mountains. The glacier is sacred to the local peoples.


Mingyong Glacier Highlights


The whole length of the Mingyong Glacier is about 4 kilometers with the width of 30 meters to 80 meters. Mingyong Glacier winds down along the valley, the ice tongues stretching down to the 2,600-meter forest area, just over 800 meters away from the waters of the Langcang River. The natural proto-ecology around the glaciers is well preserved, representing the diverse natural and geographical characteristics of the xerothermic valley of the Langcang River. According to research, the Mingyong Glacier is the low altitude glacier of the lowest latitude located about 12km north of Feilai Temple in the world. In the past years, however, the Mingyong Glacier has vanished gradually.

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