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Feilai Temple

Why is Feilai Temple special­


The Feilai Temple is located on the Feilai hillock, 10 kilometers away from Deqen Town in southwest China’s Yunnan province. The Feilai Temple, commonly known as the Big Temple, was built in the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1279-1368) dynasties. The God of Dongyue Mountain statue, once enshrined in the temple, has been destroyed. The temple is three bays wide and 18.28 meters long. Unpainted clay dragons snake around two columns standing in the temple. The lifelike dragons were carved in an architectural style typical of the Song-Yuan period. The roof is covered with small black tiles added during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) renovations.


Feilai Temple Highlights


In the Panda Room, visitors can see the giant pandas and the cat-like little pandas. Feilai Temple means Guibading Temple in Tibetan. It has a legend that the temple was built by one Sakyamuni Buddha who flying to here from Tibet. It is the place for Tibetans to pay homage to the sacred mountains and it is said that circumambulators must get the key in Qidengge. Circumambulators who are in inside circumambulation must get key in Yongzongbajiu Temple at the bank of Lancang River besides the key in Qidengge. In recent years, Buddhist activities of various kinds are all held at Wulongding Culture Square and Feilai Temple.


There are two places in Deqen county seat for tourists to view the sacred mountains. One is 8 kilometers from Deqen and the other is the Feilai Temple. Every morning, travelers are feasted with the dazzling scenery of sunrise of snow mountains. Other more, Tibetan breakfast served by hotels is very delicious.

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