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Ancient City of Pingyao

Why is Ancient City of Pingyao special


The Ancient City of Pingyao is well-preserved traditional counties as well as an outstanding example of a Han city of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). More than 300 sites in or near the city have ancient ruins, with 4,000 preserved Ming-style and Qing-style residences. The streets and storefronts still largely retain their historical appearance.


Ancient City of Pingyao Highlights


City Wall


The city wall of today's Pingyao was built in 1370. With a circumference of 6,163 meters, it is 12 meters high, producing a rather splendid appearance. It is in fact the best-preserved ancient city wall in China.


County Government Office


Pingyao has a well-preserved County Government Office. This County Government Office consists of an archway, ceremonial gate, various offices, a prison (including a collection of ancient handcuffs and chains used to secure prisoners), a court, meeting rooms, a residential area, and a garden.


Rishengchang Exchange Shop


The Rishengchang Exchange Shop is the oldest Chinese private bank and origin exchange shop. Located on the West Street in Pingyao City, it had over 35 branches in China's major cities at that time.

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