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Bo’Ao Water City Attractions

  • BFA Permanent Venue

    BFA Permanent Venue

    Traveling in Bo’Ao, you cannot miss the permanent seat of Bo’Ao Forum for Asia. In the scenic area, the architectures are majestic, equipped with intellectualized conference facilities. Read more>>
  • Jade Belt Shoals

    Jade Belt Shoals

    On the south bank of the exit of Wanquan River, there is the Jade Belt Shoals. It is like a long belt, divided up the Wanquan River and the South China Sea. Read more>>
  • Bo'Ao Overview

    Bo'Ao Overview

    It is a new paradise and idle like city, lying>Here the river and lakes engage its fresh water into the sea at meeting the South China Sea Waves, and it creates a picture that boundlessly in thunderous strikes on one side contrasting the fresh river and lakes in calm peace on the other side. The ci... Read more>>
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