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  • Hongcun village in Huangshan
    Jingdezhen Porcelain Tour with Mount Sanqing & Huangshan Discovery - 6 Days Shanghai - Jingdezhen - Wuyuan - Huangshan - Shanghai This tour will let you discover two magnificent mountains in China, Mount Sanqing & Huangshan, both of which were listed as the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furthermore, you will wander around the picturesque villages in Wuyuan and learn more about ancient kiln and folk customs in Jingdezhen. Details
  • Mount Huangshan tour
    Shanghai, Mount Huangshan & Hangzhou Discovery Tour - 4 Days Shanghai - Huangshan - Hangzhou This 4-day discovery tour invites you to experience the most attractive and modern city of China - Shanghai. You could also appreciate the breath-taking scenery in the Mount Huangshan, which is one of the top mountains in China. Enjoy a whole day exploration in Hangzhou, which is regarded as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Details
  • Shanghai Bicycle tour
    Shanghai Bicycle Exploration - Private Tour - Half day Shanghai China is known as the kingdom of bicycle, it will be a unique experience to explore Shanghai on your bike. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this tour is designed to make yourself discover directly the most famous places in Shanghai! Details
  • Shanghai Disneyland tour
    Shanghai Highlights with Fantastic Disneyland - Private Tour - 4 Days Shanghai This 4-day fantastic tour invites you to experience the most attractive city of China - Shanghai. You could appreciate a series of ancient sites in Shanghai, and you could also experience the largest Disneyland in Asia. Fairytale dreams come true for children of all ages at Shanghai Disney Resort! Details
  • Shanghai Bund
    Classic Shanghai - Deluxe - 4 Days Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai This tour provides you an authentic Shanghai experience with a fully customizable itinerary based on your interests. Enjoy our hand-picked programs of sightseeing and local delicacies. Details
  • the Bund
    72-hour Visa-free Tour @ Shanghai - Private Tour - 3 Days Shanghai Visitors from 45 countries can now benefit from a 72-hour visa-free stay policy in Beijing and Shanghai since January 1st, 2013. Join CITS Shanghai 4 day tour. Grasp Shanghai essence in 72 hours! Details
  • Wuxi
    Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi Splendid Tour - Private Tour - 5 Days Shanghai - Suzhou - Wuxi - Shanghai This tour covers most of the popular destinations in Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi. You will get impressed by the modern fashion of Shanghai, the traditional Chinese Garden in Suzhou and the natural and cultural sites in Wuxi. Details
  • Wuzhen
    Suzhou, Hangzhou & Wuzhen Water Town - Private Tour - 4 Days Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Wuzhen - Shanghai This pleasant tour best selects Suzhou and Hangzhou - the most beautiful cities in China. Besides you will visit and spend a wonderful night in Wuzhen - a typical Chinese water town. Cruising along the river or stepping into ancient residential houses and local stores, you will get impressed by its tranquil and relaxing style. Details
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