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Zouma Town is listed as the Chongqing Municipal Historical Town

Date: 2019.01.16 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, Zouma Town is listed as Chongqing Municipal Historical Town according to the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources. Zouma Town locates in Wanzhou District in Chongqing City. It is one of the famous historical and cultural towns in Chongqing, and also the junction of two provinces and three counties.


Zouma Town’s forest coverage rate is 50%, and has plentiful water resource. There is huge potential and great prospect for tourism development. It still keeps the ancient buildings from the late Qing Dynasty to the 1980s, which helps reflect the historical features and local characteristics of Chongqing's urban and rural development, with high value of architectural history, culture, science and art.


There are frequent cultural exchanges and close economic ties between the people living in the junction areas. Zouma Ancient Road in the town is the sub-station connecting the rural area in the mountains and the Yangtze River waterway. Zouma Town is also named due to Zouma Ridge and is flourishing because of Tea-Horse Ancient Road.