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Zhejiang aesthetics art exhibition opened in Taiwan

Date: 2018.05.18 Author: Celia Tang

On May 12, an art exhibition about the life aesthetics of Zhejiang, was opened in Taitung county, southeast Taiwan. The art exhibition is a part of the 12nd Taiwan - Zhejiang Cultural Festival, which has received warm responses. The theme of the exhibition is "music, chess, calligraphy and painting" and "poetry, wine, flower and tea".


The art exhibition demonstrates Zhejiang’s long history and the traditional culture to the public. It also presents the elegant aesthetics of life in Jiangnan (a region south of the Yangtze River) with a series of exhibits such as perfumes, tea, Chinese zithers, ceramic artworks and silk fabrics. In addition, some staff members from Zhejiang Museum also gave some lectures on China's calligraphic art and old drinking vessels, in order to promote friendship.


As a cradle of Wuyue culture in China, people in Zhejiang have accumulated unusual appreciation for beauty in different aspects. Their aesthetics spirits have far-reaching influence in today’s life. Over the long history, they also used the aesthetics in literature and painting creations. These aesthetics works are the symbols of the Jiangnan aesthetics, which are the precious cultural gifts to following generations.


The art exhibition is open for free and will last till May 25. It will be displayed at Jinwen University of Science and Technology in New Taipei city from May 29 to June 12. This art exhibition builds the bridge between Zhejiang and Taiwan. For the people from distinct areas, it is a good way to strength the culture communications. According to Lai Yingjie, executive deputy director of Zhejiang's publicity department, in the future, more culture communication activities should be displayed to the public, so as to influence and benefit more people.