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Zhang Daqian artworks showcased at the National Museum of China

Date: 2018.01.18 Author: Phyllis Wang

A grand art exhibition featuring the artworks of Chinese famous artist Zhang Daqian(1899-1983) opened on Jan. 16th 2018, at the National Museum of China in Beijing.

Zhang Daqian was a classic master in the Chinese art scene in 20 century who had huge influence domestic and overseas. This exhibition shows the creation experience in his lifetime through five parts: Portraying Dunhuang Murals, Collections of the Antique Shop, Friends and Tutors of Daqian and Seals of Daqian.

More than 100 pieces Zhang’s artworks displayed on this exhibition showcase his extraordinary experience, courage, diligence and talents. His remarkable life experience and marvelous art creation got the attention of the whole world.

This exhibition lasts until March 4th 2018 and the artworks will bring people into a new world.