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Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon was promoted as a National 5A Tourist Attraction

Date: 2020.11.20 Author: Celia Tang

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon tourist attraction in Linzhi City, Tibet was awarded as a National 5A Level Tourist Attraction. So far, Tibet has five National 5A Level Tourist Attractions, including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Basongcuo, and Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued an announcement on November 2 stating that the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon meets the requirements of the national 5A tourist attraction standard, and it is planned to be designated as a National 5A Level Tourist Attraction.


The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is located in Milin County, Linzhi City, Tibet. It is located at the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. It has a total length of 504.6 kilometers and a deepest point of 6009 meters. It is considered the longest and deepest grand canyon in the world.