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Xu Bing art exhibition opens in Beijing Today Art Museum

Date: 2019.10.10 Author: Celia Tang

Themed as “The World Picture: Xu Bing's Dragonfly Eyes”, art exhibition of the internationally acclaimed artist - Xu Bing opens in Beijing, which will run until October 24th. The exhibition explores the visitor’s current situation of being deeply immersed in an environment of pictures and moving images.


The exhibition shows Xu's videos and preliminary materials collected by him and his team. His works show the audience on a journey through Xu's mind, to better understand how he conceived of and organized materials.


The exhibits include different keywords, such as plurality, social energy and body, which help to present a rich, multidimensional experience to look back on Xu's working approach over more than four decades.


"The entire world becomes a gigantic film studio," says Xu Bing. The art exhibition leads visitors to an overwhelming amount of pictures and information, which reflect social phenomena generated by a changing landscape of technology.