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World's longest glass circular bridge to open in Henan Province

Date: 2018.06.15 Author: Celia Tang

After eight months' construction, the world's longest glass circular bridge will open in Henan Province on June 16th. The glass circular bridge locates in the Fuxi Mountain Tourist Attraction, Xinmi City, Henan province. The construction work began in October 2017. After overcoming various kinds of difficulties, the work was finished at the end of May this year.


The glass circular bridge was built on the cliff. It extends 30 meters out of the cliff in the air, which can provide visitors an exciting experience of "sky walk". This glass circular bridge is nearly nine meters longer than the glass bridge in the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States. 


Fuxi Mountain is known as the backyard garden of Henan’s capital city Zhengzhou. It is also known as “Small Guilin in Central Plains” for its picturesque scenery, unique natural and human landscape. The longest glass circular bridge establishes the connection between Henan and the world, and also helps boost the tourism industry. Visitors can see the spectacular landscape in Henan and feel the magnificence of nature.