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World Dinosaur Valley in Yunnan has opened its second phase to public

Date: 2019.07.03 Author: Charles Wang

On Sunday June 30, the second phase of a dinosaur-themed park--Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley was officially opened to public visitors.


The authorities of Yunnan Province aim to boost tourism industry by this dinosaur-themed park, which is so far pretty successful. According to Pan Xiong, marketing supervisor of the park, "Since the park opened to public in 2008, we have received more than 10 million tourists."


The second phase of this park began in 2017. After finishing, it now covers an area of 240,000 square meters and has a variety of interactive theme programs. More than 40 entertainment programs have been set up in the park, and one of them, called "The dinosaur crisis," enables people to sit in a "time-travel machine" to go back to the Jurassic world, as if you were really visiting there in person.


Aside from entertainment programs, the park also provide knowledge about dinosaurs. Due to the fact that Lufeng county is one of spots which has the greatest number of dinosaur fossils in the world, the park displays many intact fossils from Jurassic Period, and explain to viewers their stories.