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West Lake of Hangzhou Joined the UNESCO's World Heritage List

Date: 2011.07.21 Editor: Evelyn Shi

During the 35th session of the World Heritage Committee, the West Lake in Hangzhou, China has been newly inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.


The scenic area of the West Lake covers an area of 3,322 hectares, including a water surface of 559 hectares. The lake, which has inspired famous poets, scholars and artists since the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), is testimony to Chinese landscape aesthetics.


Enriched with breathtaking sceneries and beautiful legends, the scenic area has long been regarded as a national cultural treasure in China. Two pagodas, three causeways, three artificial isles, and numerous temples, pavilions, gardens and ornamental trees can be found around the lake. After centuries of human efforts in shaping it, the landscape is appreciated as a perfect combination of natural and artificial beauty.