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Tourists from different countries celebrate the 29th Qingdao International Beer Festival

Date: 2019.07.29 Author: Rita Tam

The Golden Beach Beer City, Qingdao, is going to run the 24-day annual event from July 26 to Aug 18, which attracts most of the beer lovers around the world.


This international event is supported by numerous cities, including Munich, Denver, and Toronto. They will ally with Qingdao at the festival since they have their beer festival too. This alliance aim at promoting tourism among members, on the other hand, support the brewing industry.


More than 1400 types of beer from popular brands will be available, ranging from Canada's Russell Brewing Company to South Korea's Jeju. Of course the local brand, Tsingtao, will be included. With a huge variety of beer, visitors can taste pilsners, stouts, porters and Langyatai.


Apart from the diversity of beer, Phoenix Bar Street is another highlight of the event. Craft beer fans across the world will gather in this place as more than 30 bars offers beers of high quality. Besides, tea houses, cigar bars, and book stores are available for leisure.


The largest float parade in the beer festival history was launched on July 26, which marks the opening of the festival. Businesses including the Qingdao Port, Tsingtao Beer, and China Railway Group are the sponsors of the festival. Under their unlimited support, well-decorated vehicles are used to entertain visitors. What’s more, hundreds of cultural performances, such as sports competitions, concerts, and gaming events, are scheduled. Some global performance groups from Munich, Denver and Toronto will perform for visitors too. Chinese celebrity Huang Xiaoming, who was born in Qingdao, is the ambassador of the beer festival.


Moreover, a 10000 m2 playground is designed for kids. They can experience a wind tunnel and play with remote control aircraft. This makes the festival become an ideal place for both children and adults.