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Tiller by Wang Shenglie shows in Beijing

Date: 2021.08.11 Author: Celia Tang

The art work -Tiller, shows on the exhibition at the National Art Museum of China recently.


The late artist Wang Shenglie did a painting in 1984, depicting an old farmer walking his horse to plough the land. In the work Tiller, Wang presented the peace and tranquility of the old man, and also expressed great compassion for Chinese farmers who worked diligently for generations. It also shows a wish for harmony and prosperity in rural areas.


Wang Shenglie’s artworks are rich in humanity and concern for the people, which elevated him as one of the most illustrious realistic painters of 20th century China. The exhibition shows Wang's career through a display of 130 works from the artist. Wang's family also donated 30 paintings, including Tiller, to the National Art Museum of China.