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Tibetan Cultural Museum opens Tibet reforms exhibition

Date: 2019.04.02 Author: Celia Tang

On March 29th, the exhibition - Monument to the End of Serfdom opens at Tibetan Cultural Museum in Beijing. The exhibition aims to mark the 60th anniversary of the beginning of reforms in Tibet autonomous region, and will open for free until the end of December.


The exhibition shows detailed insights of democratic reforms in the Tibet. The reform helps end Tibet’s social system based on the oppression and economic exploitation of serfs and slaves. Democratic reforms in Tibet follow the historical trend, and they represent the important event in the development of human civilization. On the exhibition, various historical documents and photos about the movement, with captions in both Mandarin and English are shown to visitors.


The exhibition will help people to remember the event that transformed Tibet. It’s also a chance for people to better understand the meanings of democratic reforms in Tibet. According to officer from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the exhibits on shown are very rare - such as the official government documents and coded telegrams from the separatist forces, which make the part of history have truly come alive.