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Tianjin Becomes Transfer Station for Migrant Birds

Date: 2017.11.24 Author: Jacqueline Li

The 3rd Tianjin Binhai Bird Watching Festival has raised its curtain on Nov 17. Since then, ecologists, ornithologists, photographers, journalists, volunteers and tourists from home and abroad gathered at Beidagang wetland in Binhai to observe birds closely. At the same time all participants pay high attention to Beidagang wetland conservation.

Tianjin Binhai District is a vital transfer station for migrant birds in East China and for those who begin the journey from East Asia to West Australia. It is also of much importance towards international birds’ migration.

The Beidagang wetland has witnessed more than 70, 000 migratory birds this year. At present, over 400 species of birds have been found in Tianjin, of which nearly 70 are endangered species.

The Beidagang wetland nature reserve is going to welcome more birds in the coming December. There are about 500 volunteers and bird-lovers working in the reserve to feed and protect the birds.

The related activities of the bird watching festival will last until May 10, 2018.