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The Three-body Immersive Exhibition opens

Date: 2020.10.10 Author: Celia Tang

Three-body Immersive Exhibition” is officially opened at the beginning of 2020 Online Smart China Expo on September 15. The Exhibition is located in E3 Pavilion of Lijia Intelligent Park Phase II, close to the conference center of the Current Smart China Expo, and it is one of the experience projects of the Current Smart China Expo.


The 2,000-square-meter pavilion is designed in an immersive way, which creates a dazzling interior. People can feel like you’re in The Three-Body Problem which is a famous science fiction work. The layout of the pavilion is based on The Three-Body Problem, including the "famous sentences", scenes and characters. The overall design shows a technology sense which is eye-catching.


The pavilion also uses intelligent technologies such as VR, holographic projection and multimedia interaction, which can be experienced interactively almost every few steps. People who have read The Three-Body Problem will feel very familiar with the things here, so as to recall the plots and scenes in the novel.