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The new China Art Museum completes the main construction work

Date: 2020.08.28 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the new China Art Museum completes its main construction work. It is expected that by May 2021, this comprehensive museum with a collection of traditional Chinese national art treasures, will be unveiled in a stunning manner.


As a national cultural venue, the new China Art Museum is located in the central area of the Olympic Park, adjacent to the China National Studies Center to the south, and China Science and Technology Museum to the north. There are two floors underground and six floors above the ground, with a total construction area of 91,126 square meters.


The architectural design concept of the new museum has absorbed the proportional relationship of Chinese traditional architecture. The architectural plan is symmetrical in the middle. From the bottom to the top, it is divided into a stone base, a transparent platform layer and a floating treasure box. The shape implies that this museum is a hall for the collection of precious arts and crafts, and also shows the profound cultural connotation of Chinese intangible cultural heritage.