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The first panda themed tourist train leaves from Chengdu

Date: 2021.04.08 Author: Celia Tang

China's first panda-themed tourist train left Chengdu Railway Station, running to Zunyi in neighboring Guizhou Province, on the night of March 29.


The train’s interior and exterior are all decorated with the giant panda images, attendants carry panda toys and passengers can even try panda-shaped food. The train, which doubles as a mobile star-rated hotel, can accommodate 252 passengers. It has a dining room, bar, karaoke room, dance hall and mahjong room. The 12 cars have the individual rooms for two or four passengers, and each room has a washroom with a toilet and shower facilities.


According to Zhong Shu, the officer from Chengdu Railway International Business Travel Group, the train may travel to other parts of the country if it proves to be a success.