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The first AI themed park opened in Beijing

Date: 2018.11.12 Author: Celia Tang

The Haidian Park locates in the northwest part of Beijing. On November 6th, some AI functioning equipment was installed in this park and opened to the public for free. As the first AI themed park in the world, the park became a hit among the locals quickly.


The Haidian Park was once a tranquil place near the Summer Palace, but the newly added intelligent devices recently brought life to the park. Many people came here to tour around the park in the driverless minibus, which runs within 10 kilometers an hour and automatically lowers speed when there are pedestrians in the front.


Apart from the self-driving bus, visitors can practice Tai-chi in the central park following the instructions displayed on an AR screen. The screen can also capture the motions of visitors and rate the performance. Haidian Park also attracts a wide attention among runners as an intelligent track was paved to record the mileage with facial recognition technology. Furthermore, visitors can be entertained by some booths in the park that are intelligent enough to talk or even sing if required.