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The cultural relics of Summer Palace show to the public

Date: 2020.10.15 Author: Celia Tang

On September 25, a special exhibition of the cultural relics in the Summer Palace opens at the Chinese Garden Museum. This exhibition is themed on the “A Story of Gardens II– 270 Years of the Summer Palace”. The exhibition will last until December 27, and open for free to the public.


The exhibition gathers 208 pieces of various cultural relics and 190 sets of materials from the Summer Palace and some cultural and museum units. These objects span more than two thousand years from the Warring States Period to the modern times. Nearly 60% of the exhibits, including the Yuan dynasty blue-glazed plum vase with a white dragon pattern, and the plaques of the Summer Palace, show to the public for the first time.


During the exhibition period, the famous scholars also give six wonderful special lectures to the garden culture lovers at the Chinese Garden Museum, including the Summer Palace and other royal history, culture and cultural relics.