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The Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition opens in Chongqing

Date: 2020.06.12 Author: Celia Tang

Themed on “Innovation in Chongqing Mountain City”, the Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition was held at Chongqing Industry Park on June 5. The exhibition will last until the end of June, and it’s free for people.


The exhibition was jointly organized by Chongqing Administration of Employment Services and the Painting and Calligraphy Association of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province.


The themes include Shandong-Chongqing labor service, assistance in poverty alleviation, epidemic prevention and control and others, and they have the regional characteristics and scenes of city life. After the initial evaluation, a total of 150 works were included in the exhibition.


Through the exhibition, those typical cases and figures emerged in the poverty alleviation cooperation between Chongqing and Shandong provinces can be displayed. It will help to jointly promote the coordinated development of the labor service cooperation between the east and the west to a higher quality, and strengthen the cultural and artistic exchanges between the two places.