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The art exhibition opens in Chongqing

Date: 2020.09.27 Author: Celia Tang

On September 23, Chongqing Works Exhibition of Famous Chinese Painters is officially opened at Wulong Fairy Mountain Boxiang Art Museum. There are 241 works by 167 painters showing at the exhibition. The painting exhibition will last until October 23.


This exhibition is depicted the beauty of Chongqing’s mountains and waters, highlights Chongqing’s beauty and temperament, and promoted the construction of “land of beautiful mountains and rivers” with the power of literature and art.


This exhibition focused on 241 works of 167 painters. The representative works included Kuimenguan Scenic Spots by Ma Xinlin, Listening to Waterfall of Bayu by Zhang Fuxing, Morning Glory of Qutang by Shi Jiangcheng, etc. Chongqing’s natural landscapes and cultural and historical features are of great ornamental value and artistic expression potential. These works have painted the magnificent landscapes, scenic spots and historical sites in Chongqing with vigorous brushstrokes, or delicate techniques.