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The 7th Yongchuan Lotus Appreciation & Picking Festival opens in Chongqing

Date: 2020.07.01 Author: Celia Tang

June is a good time to enjoy the lotus flower. On June 23, the 7th Yongchuan Lotus Appreciation & Picking Festival opens in Chongqing’s Yongchuan District. During the festival, people can not only appreciate the lotus, but also participate in the various activities. The festival will last until August 30.


People can interact with animals at Animal Paradise, ride bicycles on the long corridor, row on the water, peel the lotus seeds, and feeds the fish. Based on the previous lotus viewing and lotus picking projects, this year, the festival has launched more than 30 new amusement projects, such as air super swing about 12 meters, high-altitude slide, jungle crossing, water shaking bridge, etc., which can bring rich and colorful play experiences to parents and children.


The lotus garden was built in 2011. The garden covers an area of 215 hectares, with the lotus ponds of 70 hectares and more than one hundred kinds of lotus flowers. It is also a modern agricultural park. It has the standardized vegetable planting base of 200 acres, the ecological fish farms of 500 acres, high-quality and high-yielding rice of 300 acres, and the fruit garden of 300 acres, which are available for people to pick up.