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The 6th Qianmen Historic and Cultural Festival opens in Beijing

Date: 2019.11.04 Author: Celia Tang

On November 1st, the 6th Qianmen Historic and Cultural Festival kicks off in Beijing. The festival will last until November 18th.


During the festival, a series of themed cultural exhibitions and fairs opens to the public. The contemporary art and cultural creative IP exhibition, Peking opera performance, photo exhibition and other kinds of events are held during the period. Visitors can experience the local culture and get a better known to this historical street by joining these activities. 


Qianmen Street has the history of more than 570 years. It was called Zhengyangmen Street during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and got present name in 1965. During the Qing Dynasty, there were the meat market, cloth market and jewelry market along the street.


Now Qianmen Street becomes another commercial hub in Beijing. And there are many time-honored domestic brands in the street, such as Tongrentang, Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy, Ruifuxiang Silk and Leather Store, Zhang Yi Yuan, etc. Qianmen Street now is also considered one of the most popular places for visitors around the world.