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The 2020 Luo Zhongli Scholarship Exhibition opens

Date: 2021.03.23 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the 2020 Luo Zhongli Scholarship Exhibition opened at Fine Arts Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. On the exhibition, there are more than 50 shortlisted works by 24 artists were showed.


Established in 1992, Luo Zhongli Scholarship has a history of 29 years and is aimed at fresh graduates from universities. This year, hundreds of fresh graduates from 11 universities and art colleges across China and overseas applied for the scholarship, which took half a year to complete. And 24 applicants were shortlisted after being screened by nine preliminary judges from nine art colleges across China.


Luo Zhongli said that, the original purpose of Luo Zhongli Scholarship was to identify outstanding art students and to give them a chance to showcase their talents through this platform. In terms of design category, it not only includes traditional sculpture, painting and installation art video, but also includes other areas such as technological new media art.