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The 2020 Chongqing Dianjiang Lotus Cultural Festival opens

Date: 2020.08.03 Author: Celia Tang

The 2020 Chongqing Dianjiang Lotus Cultural Festival opens in Ecological Wetland Demonstration Park on July 28. It is the First Lotus Cultural Festival in Dianjiang. More than 500 acres of the colorful lotuses and water lilies are blooming to attract people, which will last until the early October.


It’s said that the Youjianheyou Ecological Wetland Demonstration Park has four special activities as follows: firstly appreciating, secondly picking, thirdly playing, and fourthly tasting. In the Park, there are 500 hectares of over 120 kinds of lotuses from home and abroad in various colors in full blossom.


On the festival, people can row or wade to pick Lotus Seedpod, Lotus Root, Fragrant Water Lily and Taiwan Red Caltrop, experience the fun of picking. People can also pitch a tent in the lawn base, appreciate stars, and enjoy the fun of camping and communicating with nature. Meanwhile, people can enjoy the delicious lotus feast such as lotus-shaped fish, sweet and sour lotus sprout, stewed rib with lotus leaf, steamed pork with rice flour in lotus leaf and crawfish in the ecological restaurant.