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The 11th Chongqing Dianjiang Plum Picking Festival opens

Date: 2020.07.08 Author: Celia Tang

July is the season for plum picking in the southern China, which is definitely the right way to start the summer. According to Dianjiang County, the 11th Chongqing Dianjiang Plum Picking Festival opens in Wudong Town, Dianjiang County on July 3.


The theme of this year’s picking festival is “Bayu Plum Town · Yanquan New City”. The whole activity is divided into four parts: the opening ceremony, live broadcast with goods, picking activities and competitions, and product sales. Every tree is full of plums, and the fruit fragrance permeates the whole plum orchard, making people mouthwatering.


The activity will mainly focus on Tangjiapo Plum Orchard of Wudong Town. Tangjiapo plums are uniform in size, rich in sugar, bright in color, delicious, sweet, juicy, crisp and refreshing, and also have a hint of the honey. These features have won the appreciation by people. In recent years, Wudong Town combined with geographical advantages such as soil and climate, and made the plums as the main industry for local villagers to increase their income.