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Terracotta Warriors exhibition to kick off in Liverpool

Date: 2018.02.07 Author: Phyllis Wang

Terracotta Warriors from Xi’an, Shaanxi, will be exhibited in National Museum Liverpool (NML) from this Friday (Feb.9) to Oct. 28 2018. As Terracotta Warriors’second exhibition in Britain, this is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Liverpool being rated as the “European Capital of Culture”. This is an excellent opportunity for the British who are interest in Chinese traditional culture and Chinese overseas students to closely contact with Terracotta Warriors.

Including potteries, bronze wares, gold, silver and jade wares, there are over 180 precious cultural relics from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770B.C.-256B.C.) to Han dynasties (202B.C.-220) that will be showed with another 120 terracotta figures.

China’s First Emperor’s birth name was Ying Zheng. He was born at the time that China was divided into plenty of states. He became the king of Qin State when he was 13. After that, Qin started expending and annexing. In 221 BC, he united the whole nation, named the Qin Dynasty.

Terracotta Warriors is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the world. More than 8,000 life-size terracotta figures have silently guarded the tomb of China's First Emperor for over 2,200 years.

“Terracotta Warriors is one of the miracles in ancient China. I’m so glad that Terracotta Warriors can be exhibited in Liverpool 2018. I believe there will be numerous British people attracted to this exhibition. Besides, this exhibition in Liverpool will be an important and special bond for cultural exchange between China and Britain,” said Karen Bradley, the British Culture Secretary.

Terracotta Warriors’exhibition in Britain is a perfect opportunity for foreign people to know more about Chinese history and traditional culture as well as luring more people visiting China.