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TeamLab Borderless Shanghai to open soon

Date: 2019.10.31 Author: Celia Tang

TeamLab Borderless Shanghai is the first long-term exhibition space of TeamLab in China. Located on the west bank of the Huangpu River, it will open to the public since November 5th.


The 6,600-square-meter area is "a maples art museum that features the borderless art works created by the TeamLab group", according to Toshiyuki Inoko, the founder and chief representative of the TeamLab. More than 50 projects are presented in Shanghai, some of which are site-specific installations created especially for the city.


The concept of the art museum indicates people can build relationships with others, and understand the world through their bodies. TeamLab was founded in 2001, and it focuses on creating new media art installations that explore the relationship between humans and the world. The group now consists of more than 600 scientists and artists. It presents interactive exhibitions in different countries very year such as the US, Europe and China.