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Tank Shanghai to open in March

Date: 2019.03.22 Author: Celia Tang

Tank Shanghai is a new cultural landmark on the west bank of the Bund. Building from five giant oil tanks, it will open to the public on March 23rd. Three exhibitions are set to visitors, which help transform a new art space into a wonderland of arts and imagination.


The art space, Tank Shanghai, was created from five tanks once used for fuel storage at Longhua Airport. Built in 1917 by the Huangpu River in Xuhui district, the airport closed in 1966 and was demolished in 2008, but the tanks were saved. The architect Li Hu spent six years to reconstruct this industrial heritage into an art space surrounded by a park. He hoped that Tank Shanghai would become a new dynamic space, and influence more young people to admire modern art. 


Covering 60,000 square meters, Tank Shanghai will serve as a non-profit organization promoting contemporary art from home and abroad, said by Qiao Zhibing, the leading collector of contemporary art, and founder of Tank Shanghai. This new art park in Shanghai will create new urban life by reestablishing the link among art, nature and the city.