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Southwest China’s Guizhou province to build or upgrade public toilets

Date: 2018.04.19 Author: Rosie Wu

Guizhou province is going to install or renovate more than 2,400 toilets at sightseeing spots in the next three years as part of China’s "toilet revolution" to upgrade public toilet facilities, according to the Provincial Tourism Development Commission.


The commission said that 2,076 new toilets will be built and 407 toilets will be renovated to better meet the needs of tourists. Public toilets in airports, railway stations and restaurants will also be earmarked for renovation.


Guizhou province has invested 1.243 billion yuan ($198 million) in building and upgrading 3,200 public toilets since 2015.


China’s public toilets are mostly considered to be the pits. Sometimes, they actually are a row of pits, separated by nothing but low walls – no cubicles, no doors, no privacy. China's "toilet revolution" began in 2015 in order to improve the cleanliness and management of the worst facilities across the country.


China plans to build or upgrade 64,000 toilets at tourist sites nationwide from 2018 to 2020, to make public conveniences cleaner and better managed.