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"Triple World” solo exhibition opens in Chongqing

Date: 2019.05.21 Author: Celia Tang

The young artist Peng Jia recently opens her solo exhibition at Jinshan Art Center C of Ecool in Chongqing. Themed as "Triple World - Peng Jia’s Art Exhibition", Peng Jia shows her series works like "Face", "Myth", "Alien" and "Goddess" created in the past 16 years.


Peng Jia gives unique features to dogs, including the symbol showing the female’s identity and oriental elements like Thang-ga. Over these years, she drew dog images to reflect the state of human existence and to express the inner understanding of life energy. Peng Jia said that she used many self-recognition symbols to highlight the identity of women and adopted some oriental elements like Thang-ga in her works.


In "Goddess" series works, Peng Jia takes her own images as the symbol to deconstruct western mythological stories. As a matter of fact, she just wants to try more in unfamiliar areas and broaden the range of vision, such as in the field of quantum physics. She puts it into her works in image rather than in words and formulas used by scientists.