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Sino-France panda-themed park set to be built in Chengdu

Date: 2018.01.17 Author: Phyllis Wang

According to the cooperation framework agreement signed at the Great Hall of People in Beijing on Jan. 9th , 2018, a Sino-France panda-themed park set to be built in Chengdu.

The agreement was signed by the French Deyrolle Co Ltd, the Guangdong Fangsuo Cultural Investment and Development Co Ltd and the Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group, aiming to build a 3.5 square kilometers Sino-France panda-themed park which is focusing on human and nature, science and arts, entertainment and education, health and environmental industry.

Deyrolle Co. Ltd and its owner Louis Albert de Broglie will be designers of this project. This park will embrace eight centers, including an interactive museum for natural science and arts, an educational center for sustainable development and a creation center for recycling and regeneration.

De Broglie says: “This project will mobilize companies and institutions with professional knowledge and skills from China and France to awaken public to the vulnerability of nature and protecting biodiversity. Giant panda has been the symbol of imperative around the world.”