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Shenyang opens Disruptive Matter exhibition

Date: 2020.08.12 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, some of the recycling objects exhibition themed on Disruptive Matter, opens at the chi K11 art space in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The exhibition will run through November 8


The exhibition teams up 18 designers and their groups from all over the world, whose thought-provoking creations seek to open up a dialog with the public about how to build a much more sustainable future against a worsening climate crisis.


An increasing number of designers these days attempt to address global environmental issues in their works by recycling objects to create their art works and using materials that are biodegradable.


These works draw people's attention to appreciate the environmental matters. Also, these works show the latest development in materials and bio-technologies fields, and examine the possible solutions to the balancing of people's needs and a sustainable world with little waste. By using the design and art perspectives, people can explore the current environment problems and further promote the effective new measures to create a better future.