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Shanghai to open Legoland theme park

Date: 2019.11.11 Author: Celia Tang

According to local government officials in Shanghai, a new Legoland theme park will be built in the Jinshan district in southwestern Shanghai. The Legoland theme park will become one of the largest Legoland parks in the world. 


The total investment of the new Legoland park will be about 550 million USD. According to the officials, the theme park will combine the elements of Lego bricks and Chinese culture aiming to attract families with children between two and twelve years old. Different entertainment projects, interactive educational lessons and a themed hotel will also be built in the park.


According to Hu Weiguo, the head of the Jinshan District Government in Shanghai, the Legoland theme park will help integrate the coastal and pastoral elements of the district. In recent years, it has seen steady growth in the Chinese market since LEGO entered into China over two decades ago. At present, LEGO has opened two retail flagship outlets in Shanghai and one in Beijing.