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Shanghai Pearl Art Museum opens the art exhibition

Date: 2020.08.14 Author: Celia Tang

On August 8, Shanghai Pearl Art Museum opens the art exhibition, which is themed on flowers by 25 contemporary artists across the world. The exhibition is titled “In the Name of Flower”, which showcases more than 150 artworks in various forms, such as painting, photography and sculpture. The exhibition will last until December 6.


According to Li Dandan, the curator of the exhibition and the director of the museum, the exhibition is a unique way for people to explore topics such as art, life and death.


The series of oil paintings by Chinese artist Yang Xun, explore the power of life. The flowers such as magnolia and begonia became the main subjects in his works. Other artworks on show include the works by artist Michael Lin from Chinese Taiwan, who is attempting to convey the message that art should not just be viewed but experienced and even felt through his installation which features pillows and wall paintings themed around flowers.