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Shanghai opens the first Nightlife Festival

Date: 2020.06.16 Author: Celia Tang

On the evening of June 6, the opening ceremony of the first Shanghai Nightlife Festival was held in the central square of the Sinan Residence. The event was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau.


The first Shanghai Nightlife Festival will last until June 30. Focusing on the theme of "night shopping, night food, night tour, night entertainment, night show, night reading", more than 180 key special activities are launched to jointly create a new image of Shanghai. A number of bars, museums, bookstores, shopping malls and landmark commercial complexes join in the festival with extended business hours and provide the themed activities like night tours, shopping, dining and live shows.


The Shanghai Nightlife Festival is a stage for the cooperation of enterprises and industry. The key business districts including Huangpu, Pudong, and Jingan, and nearly 60 shopping malls extend their business hours until 23:00. The 47 museums and art galleries open at night, and 25 bookstores participate in the late-night bookstore festival, and there are 60 street entertainers on the streets looking forward to encountering people.