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Shanghai Museum opens Zhao Puchu memorial exhibition

Date: 2020.05.29 Author: Celia Tang

The exhibition “Infinite Compassion: the Calligraphy of Zhao Puchu” opens at Shanghai Museum on May 21. The exhibition is in memory of the 20th anniversary of Zhao Puchu’s death, and will last until July 19.


Zhao Puchu (1907-2000), is a patriot, a social activist and a scholar. Zhao Puchu arrived in Shanghai when he was 13. Here, he became a Buddhist and he believed that it was his mission to serve the people and society.


The 93 calligraphy pieces and poems on the exhibition were donated by Zhao Puchu’s family. They reveal the personality and vision of Zhao Puchu. Zhao Puchu recorded the development process of the country and the significant progress of the society through his artistic works. He expressed his love for the motherland and people, and his concern for reality and current affairs in poetry. He attaches great importance to the moral development and personality tempering, strict, integrity, and enjoys high prestige at home and abroad.