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Shanghai holds Einstein special exhibition

Date: 2019.08.06 Author: Charles Wang

On August 1, Chen-Ning Yang, famous Chinese physicist, gave speech on the opening ceremony of special exhibition – Einstein’s Fantasy World at Shanghai World Expo Museum. The exhibition was officially opened to public on August 2. This year is the 140th anniversary of Einstein’s birthday.


Authorized by Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the exhibition features over 130 artifacts including priceless manuscripts by Einstein himself, multiple papers of him, and letters between Einstein and many other celebrities. The collection highlight is the handwriting manuscripts of Einstein’s General Relativity. All the exhibits come from the Albert Einstein Archives Library of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, contributing great value to historical and scientific research.


According to Hanoch Gutfreund, director of the library and former president of the university, they brought not only the exhibits which were selected from more than 83,000 items that are part of the collection at the university, but also the stories behind them. He wishes that teenagers in China could know more about Einstein and get interested in science by this opportunity. He also reminds visitors that Einstein has been to Shanghai twice, and share many stories with it.