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Science popularization exhibition opens in Chongqing Science and Technology Museum

Date: 2020.07.22 Author: Celia Tang

On July 11, themed on "Looking up at the Starry Sky", the science popularization exhibition is held at Chongqing Science and Technology Museum. The exhibition is sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Association. The exhibition will last until November 29.


The exhibition is divided into three thematic exhibition areas: Looking into the Deep Space, Roaming the Solar System, and Smart Astrometry. The exhibition displays the cutting-edge astronomical scientific and technological knowledge and information, the application of mathematical methods in the field of astronomy, and the stories of astronomers. Through various methods, people will understand the knowledge of China's "Sky Eye" radio telescope and the alternation of constellations in four seasons.


Chongqing Science and Technology Museum is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. It covers a construction area of 48,300 square meters. It mainly has 6 themed exhibition halls, which show the materials, machinery, transportation, military industry, aerospace, microelectronics technology, information communications, computer applications, virtual simulation technology, covering various fields.