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QR code tour guides service lunched in Beijing Hutongs

Date: 2018.08.14 Author: Celia Tang

The Hutongs in Beijing are the famous places to many tourists around the world. Recently, some QR codes were posted on the nameplates to tell history on the walls of Sanyanjing hutongs of Jingshan Sub District of Dongcheng District of Beijing.


Apart from the Sanyanjing hutongs, the sub district plans to sort out Hutongs' name origin, development and historical stories of celebrities’ former residences. Then the QR codes will be generated and posted at a prominent position of each Hutong.


During the trip in Hutongs, tourists can scan the QR codes to learn about the history of each Hutong through voice, text, video and photo materials. According to the the official from Jingshan Sub District, the Jingshan area will be built into a physical museum via QR codes.


Currently, the sub district is establishing an advisory group of residents, experts and scholars so as to enrich the content of QR codes. In the future, the QR code tour guides are expected to work for 73 Hutongs and six major streets in Jingshan Sub District.