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Qiao Family Compound reopens after a 10-day rectification

Date: 2019.08.26 Author: Rosie Wu

Qiao Family Compound, a courtyard house in north China's Shanxi Province reopened last Saturday and received 8,500 visitors after a 10-day rectification.


This tourist site was delisted from the 5A-level ratings of China's top tourist attractions by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism on July 31, for the sake of over-commercialization as a cultural site.


Shops and stalls were removed from the core scenic spot of the compound, vacating 1,050 square meters, which was renovated for cultural exhibitions of the mansion's history and the local intangible cultural heritages.


The site has expanded parking spaces, refurbished toilets and introduced six electric sightseeing vehicles for visitors, free of charge. Resting areas for visitors, vending machines to sell beverages, souvenir coins and tourist products are also added.


The two-century-old Qiao Family Compound used to be the former residence of Qiao Zhiyong (1818-1907), a business tycoon from Qixian County. The mansion found its fame after noted Chinese director Zhang Yimou shot an award-winning film "Raise the Red Lantern" there in 1990.

Millions of people have visited the courtyard in the past two decades. Visitors are attracted by the traditional Chinese-style houses festooned with red lanterns.