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Poly China-German Art Festival was held in Beijing

Date: 2019.07.24 Author: Charles Wang

On July 22, the Poly China-German Art Festival was held in Beijing, in the 25th year of Beijing and Berlin establishing friendly diplomatic relations.


Poly Art Education Institute launched this art festival jointly with four Chinese top universities, the School of Art of Peking University, the Central Academy of Drama, the China Conservatory of Music, and the Beijing Dance Academy, and four German top universities, Berlin University of the Arts, the State Ballet School of Berlin, the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, and Robert Schumann Hochschule Dusseldorf.


From July 22 to 26, master artists from the eight universities will offer lectures and courses to students whose age are in the range of 5 to 22. The courses include fields of Music, Dance, Drama, and Fine Art. By the end of the festival, students and professors from the eight universities will jointly present a performance as the closing ceremony.


2019 is the year which Beijing and Berlin established friendly diplomatic relations for 25 years, as well as China and German for 47 years. This festival is aiming to boost art interaction and exchange between the two cities, and even promote areas of education, economy, sports and so on.